Particularly good/bad adverts (potentially rolling)

it’s not brand new but I’ve only just seen it

  • aww that’s really nice :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
  • no Wiggy you’re just hungover

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bit mean of the shopkeeper to keep most of her stuff


“Do you have an itchy scalp? I’m not flirting, it’s a genuine question”

Eh? I think I must have forgotten what flirting means.

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Managed 26 seconds of that. Think it’s made me not fancy Mila Kunis.


Just really hate the shamelessly overt emotional manipulation that’s in stuff like this.

What is this cunt grifting for now

I mean, that’s just marketing/advertising innit?

Very often, yes.

I know Superbowl ads are always bad but fuck me, the Jeep one with Bruce Springsteen is awful.


Fucking hell Kutcher’s accent


Thats both boring and awful at the same time, well done Jeep.

Is he trying to do an impression of someone none of us know? Awful.

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Peloton adverts = fuck off


I think he’s trying to put on a Jamaican accent to match Shaggy’s / whoever else is in It Wasn’t Me (I don’t have a huge knowledge of that song). :grimacing:

I have an exercise bike, I ride it while playing Mario Kart so find it really fascinating that there are people who watch those adverts and go ‘ooh that looks fun’ rather than ‘nah I can make my own entertainment cheers’

That’s a bit Viz Top Tips isn’t it? A lot more integrated and setup for fitness than wanging through Zelda while you cycle your legs I would think.

oh yeah I’m in no way claiming my fitness regime is superior :smile:

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Ugh. They’re so divorced from reality/have such an Uncanny Vally feeling to them. Like they’re lifted from a slightly dystopian mid-2000s sci fi film. Something that would be playing in the background at the beginning of Minority Report or Starship Troopers to give the eerie feeling that all is not quite right in the future.

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I love the Wickes one. “You forgot Mr Snuggles” - exactly the kind of thing my parents would do :smiley:

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