Particularly good/bad adverts (potentially rolling)




He-Man and Skeletor doing the final scene from Dirty Dancing.


Those Talk Talk ‘internet shit - it matters’ ads. Plus every adult in those ads probably voted for Brexit


we do lots of PPI related work at work and I was aware that there was going to be a series (rejoice, there are going to be more!) of PPI adverts starring Arnie, assumed he would actually be in them rather than that absolute bollocks. pretty sure he got paid for use of his likeness.

apparently it hasn’t had anywhere near the impact expected either, good work advertising chumps.


also unless the search function doesn’t work (and it seems unlikely that a part of DiS wouldn’t work), no mentions of the Trivago adverts yet? They’re pretty rubbish on their own, the latest ones especially, but I don’t think there has been an advert break for ages that hasn’t had one of their adverts. or a tube station that doesn’t have fifty of the same Trivago posters. just incessant.


Or before every single video I watch on Youtube.


I get an advert for a Final Fantasy XV mobile game before every video on YouTube. I have the actual PS4 Final Fantasy XV game and I can’t be bothered to play that, let alone a crap mobile spinoff game.


oh mcnutty


Quite like the Danish lager one with yer man Hannibal Lecter. He’s a dude.


There’s an awful Facebook ad for that mobile game. Just some blonde woman with her norks out walking around? Proper embarrassing scraping the barrel stuff.


Thing she is he’s not above starring in ads since he was in the Warburtons one last year, but tbf the PPI one looks like they spent about £250.

It’s a shame that the campaign (I can imagine a lot of people worked super hard on it despite thinking it was a lump of turd) died, but I’m not surprised.

The Trivago tube ads are poor, but I can sort of see the train of thought that led them to just plonking the woman from the telly all over them.



there’s one on Russia today a fair bit, for buying gold- bullion something or other. today they had a lengthy report about Brazilian tribe being massacred by gold-miners, then went to adverts of which bullion was one.


Good advert:

This picture of a toucan was pretty much all the encouragement I needed to book a trip to Costa Rica



Badvert: whatever millionth twee cover of where is my mind we’re on now


Very badvert:

Who could possibly think that was a good idea for an advert…?




Stuff like this makes me wonder if sometimes companies deliberately get thing wrong because they calculate if they do an apology they will net benefit from the increased publicity




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