Parts of the body that are being under-utilised in their current form and solutions to that

I reckon the “lap” would be far more useful if you could put something “on your lap” whilst walking.

What I’m proposing is that human beings get the ability to walk whilst in a seated position more comfortably thus allowing people to have something in their lap whilst walking.

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Could be better utilised as a tea towel holder.


Can’t remember the last time I used my temples for anything useful.

Solution: advertising space.


That’s quite crude but ok

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Do we really need five toes on each foot?

Could replace “tea towel” with “doily” if you like.

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Even splits are boring. How about going 4-6 or really maverick 3-7?

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I knew a girl with SIX toes at Primary School! She added me on Facebook a while ago but I wasn’t sure who it was so messaged saying “Sorry if this is rude but I’m not sure who you are?” and she said we went to primary school years ago and I said “Ah yeah! You were the one with six toes right?” and she withdrew the friend request.


That’s not a good story.


I’d never make that claim

fingernails on middle, ring and little finger don’t get much action. Nor do any toenails except maybe the big lad. Collect loads and use them as an eco-friendly building material

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Penis. Can’t think of a solution.

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Make a boat out of them like the Norse Gods.


Two parts water one of toothpaste.

Does the hair from the barber’s floor get recycled for anything?


Earlobes - good for decorative purposes but if we could flap them to cool ourselves down that’d be even better


someone told me they put it all in big bags and use them to soak oil out of the ocean whenever there’s an oil spill.

i have no idea if that is true.

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I’m having to trim my finger/toenails like an absolute idiot every couple of weeks and the nails clippings are just going in the bin. Is there anything, ANYTHING, that can be done about this?

Was it your barber?