Parts of the body that could do with some more sensory capabilities

We all know that we can make our tongues tingle, our eyes widen and our peens harden. Would you like to make it so that your shins could experience popping candy though? Or your forearms to be able to smell?

This is a thread to talk about that

nah, think i’m alright as is


Thanks anyway, Japes.

I would like it if my index finger would vibrate rapidly when my body temperature rises 0.3 Celcius (or more) above its average


How do you make you tongue tingle? I can’t do that?

I would like it if I could shoot webs out of my wrists and swing all around Manhattan stopping baddies

This is exactly the sort of post I would encourage you all to try and replicate

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That sort of thing?

Tear ducts on my knees

Popping candy

That sounds dangerous, are you ok?

I guess I’ll take it

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Oh thanks. I’ll give it a go

Reminds me baby of you


I would use this for foreplay, fyi

I am ok I suppose. You?

Goes without saying

Thread muted


See you!

I’d like it if my eyelids could travel through time

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