Parts of the body that could do with some more sensory capabilities

Such a weird feeling.

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After a hot curry, your bumhole definitely knows about it the next day. So it has taste buds of a sort already, albeit not as developed as those on the tongue.

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Nope! Just a regular bumhole that can taste things

You ever had pins and needles in your mouth, GtMS?

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I wouldn’t like my bumhole to have taste buds as poo is quite a bad flavour



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This is a smart and insightful post.

POTW nom please @AQOS


had my tongue up a bumhole


Hey @Antpocalypsenow did you know that the backs of your knees are sensitive to light? Not just yours though, everybody’s

Hello TheUnderscoreRavens. This sounds like pure bullshit to me, mate but you are a good and trustworthy community member so I am very confused.


pretty sure you can sunburn the back of your knees

conclusion: uncertain

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Interactive menus and making of featurettes for my dreams

Hmm, the failing NY Times eh…

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Never figured you as a transhumanist Ant

Is this that thing that was on TV’s “Years and Years” a few weeks back?

Can we move the 4 (four) wisdom teeth to a different part of the body maybe?

Wisdom fingers?

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I don’t know if I have but I imagine the sensation would be similar to having your mouth numbed at the dentist. Have you?