Parts of the body that could do with some more sensory capabilities

Is this that thing that was on TV’s “Years and Years” a few weeks back?

Can we move the 4 (four) wisdom teeth to a different part of the body maybe?

Wisdom fingers?

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I don’t know if I have but I imagine the sensation would be similar to having your mouth numbed at the dentist. Have you?

“Cor, ouch, me bleedin’ wisdom fingers are coming through!”

can I have wisdom balls please Tone


Yeah, sometimes I’ll get pins and needles in my mouth and my partner will be incredulous about the claim

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Interesting, I was thinking of relocating the teeth themselves, but you have gone with the idea of having extra fingers growing. In your universe, where are they growing from?


err, no

it’s basically a whole movement devoted to augmenting the functions of the human body.

it has all the weirdos you’d expect …it’s fairly inevitable though that we’re heading towards being cyborgs and shit like that

Save it for Thursday!

That’s where the other ones are too, so this makes sense

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Yeah, my thinking was as follows:

“Hand is where fingers are, were we to start having extra fingers I think that it would be most sensible to keep them on hand”

Like Deus Ex

Yeah this was my thinking behind it too

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Could you further expand on this line of thinking if possible?

Certainly not about


in the USSR!


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