Parts of the world that are always wet



Hello friends, this thread is about (mainland) parts of the world that are always wet.

I walk past these two bits of the world on my way to and from work every day and they are always wet, even on a hot, sunny day. Why are they always wet? Got any other examples of this phenomena?


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Ok, now we’ve all got that out of our collective systems perhaps we can contribute to this thread like adults eh?




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Several places where I cycle every day.

This bit of cycle path (means I have to get out of the saddle if I don’t want a wet bum):

Also other bits of that road. There’s currently a massive hole in the road. Might be something to do with Forest Hill’s SINK HOLE? Might be a burst water main?

This bit of Sydenham is currently suffering from a burst water main and is always wet:


Thanks for your valuable contributions Nikkers, might I ask where the wet part is in the first pic though?


Where that dropped bit of kerb is – the photo doesn’t show it, it started about 3 months ago. It’s just a strip of wet across the cycle path, but kind of extends out to the road and then into the massive hole.

On the second picture it doesn’t show the wet which again, started a few months ago right there the silver car in the middle of the picture is.



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