Partworks Magazines

What of those partworks magazines did you ever get in days of old? Y’know the ones. Pop up in January, by D’Agostini or someone, free binder with Issue 3, then disappear off the shelves after number 6

Absolutely loved this one where you could construct a robot

Think I had the base wheels and motor connected when it promptly stopped being stocked anywhere. Left with a fucking useless husk of a machine, properly gutted.


I had some create a human body one (actually finished that I think), and one about gemstones, and randomly had a Lord of the Rings card game one plop through my door a few years back - absolutely no idea how/why. Just got sent the first 3 issues out the blue.

was absolutely obsessed with this magazine. then, couldn’t give a shit about the magazine and just wanted to finish the model.

some great marketing work there tbf.


Only 99p!! (For the first one then £1793 quid per issue after)

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Poirot DVDs. With the last DVD, after spending about £2k you get a shit DVD player. Sounds okay other than when you think you must already have a passable DVD player to have watched the previous fifty episodes of Poirot.

Sorry mum, that special interest did not have particular longevity. Think I still have a couple of the best ones somewhere.

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This was the classic. Every kid I knew had the skull and spine. Never saw a finished one.


I could tell you some stories about these things from my days in the Newsagents (which was also a bookshop and stationers) let me tell you that for free!

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and then jack up the price when we’re invested right? that’s how your kind work isn’t it? you make me sick.


We get stories 3+4 together right?