Party on, [blank]!

  • This is a reference to Wayne’s World
  • This is a reference to Bill & Ted

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Party on, depends!


You crazy diamond


So I spotted this earlier and put it in the Guardian thread. I found it amusing because I assumed it was a cock-up since it’s a Wayne’s World reference… but someone pointed out to me on Twitter that “Party on, dudes!” is used in Bill & Ted.


Sure, but it’s no Wayne’s World.


i think if you use it in the plural, it feels more bill and ted, whereas in the singular its more waynes world

so party on [blank] is waynes world


party on [blanks] is bill and ted


Party on, Slurms McKenzie!


i’d say ‘party on’ by itself is wayne’s world. and ‘party on, x’ needs a ‘party on, y’ to be wayne’s world. ‘party on, x’ by itself is bill and ted. hope that clears it up.


really makes you think, tho


Haven’t seen either so couldn’t give a shit tbh


you sicken me


I really thought I’d be more excited than it turns out I am about the new B&T.






“Party on, Wayne,”“Party on, Garth,” is from Wayne’s World

“Party on, dudes,” is used a lot in Bill and Ted.


got in trouble when i was a kid for calling my friend’s mum a medieval dickweed :disappointed:


If she were an ice cream flavour, she’d be pralines and dick.


po+0 = ww
2po + x + y = ww
po + z = bt

Express ww as a factor of bt and give all possible values of z

Show your working, dude



it is going to be bad, isnt it. unless they set it after ted learns kung fu and how to fly