Party on, [blank]!

…my yacht, fellow DiSers!

:guitar: :racehorse:

been thinking about some kind of joke around:

  • par (for the course)
  • tee (as in tee-off)
  • on (as in the opposite to off (as in tee-off))
  • something that links either Wayne’s World or Bill & Ted to golf

any ideas?

give up

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On (the fairway)


give down!

There is a par tee on the garth course!

probably about as good as it’s possible to get, well done Bal[Party]on-z

on [for a 5 under par 67 if he makes this final putt)
[former golf professional and winner of the 1990 PGA championship] wayne [grady]

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why can’t you like your own posts

chill out sophie eliis golfer

A golf club? I don’t own a golf, let alone many golfs that could necessitate an entire club.


I am tentatively excited about this.

If it’s possible to be such a thing.