Party tricks


Anyone got any good ones? At a push when drunk I sometimes form my stomach into a’doughnut belly’ with the hole as my navel. Pretty poor though seems to win hearts due to its mildly degrading nature.

Double-jointed freaks and talented ones come forth


Sounds like Belly Savalas to me


Pretty good at the Bishop-from-Aliens knife* thingy.

(*I use a pen or a chopstick though, never a knife)

And my wookie impression is pretty good.

Not sure either count as a party trick because I rarely go to parties.


i can always think of an excuse to get out when i get bored


They’re not tricks, Michael, they’re illusions.


I can bend my thumbs right back to my wrist. I can also sit with my legs out at 90 degree angles and my feet facing forwards, then sit up and walk on my knees like that, which apparently looks pretty gruesome. I don’t go to enough parties where I can bring that one out though


i can move my ears



you can always pull out the chicken tie, dude!


I ask people to put their hand against mine and then feel our combined fingers so it makes it feel like their hand is numb. Blows their mind.


sounds sexual


Is a good ice breaker for sure.


very stretchy face skin

I’ll do a pic when I get the chance.


I don’t have one but if I’m in the pub or a party and there’s a packet of crisps to share, I roll up the bottom of the packet so it can stand upright like a bowl of crisps. People are always really pleased with it :blush:


Check out Magician Dynamo here!


That does sound pleasing.

Could probably start a crisp sharing methods thread.


you’re a chicken tie, pal!


u wot m8


My sister told me about this geezer with a glass eye who used to take it out at parties and then his mate would put his bellend in the socket.


As for me, I’ve had a few. Used to like lighting matches on my teeth until one day the lit head become detached and stuck to my bottom lip, much to everyone’s delight.