Pass agg

When were you last passive aggressive and why?

Braked far too early this morning when entering a 50 road to force the silver Audi (obviously) that was tailgating me to have to drive slightly more slowly than they would have liked for about 50 metres.




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Boss just emailed asking if I’d done something yet. I calmly explained I’ve not done it yet because I’ve been working on the other thing she gave me at the last minute that was apparently more important.

They’re taking the piss this week to be honest. Not my fault the girl I’ve been covering has decided to only come back three days a week. HA!

I gave it the classic “Well I know now and won’t do it again next time” to the gf earlier after she was moaning at me for giving permission for the landlord to enter the flat when neither of us were in earlier.

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Bus driver was pretty rude to me when I was buying a ticket and then proceeded to drive like an arse, breaking really abruptly for no good reason and nearly sending me flying. SO I did the grown up thing of exclaiming “FUCK SAKE” when I was exiting the bus. That outta put them in their place, right? Yeah, totally.


I’d have gone for an overtly sarcastic “Cheers, drive!”

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last night - slating the industry I work in for being too white oxbridge dominated, to my housemate who is white, went to Oxford and works in the same industry.

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When a server at Primark didnt say a single word to me and pushed the bag to me while talking to a colleague I did a nice sarcastic ‘thank you very much’

Should’ve dobbed her in


I do this all the time.


Dr White Oxbridge Dominator, DPhil (Oxon)



Put a typed sign up in the communal hallway asking people not to smoke. Seems to have done the job, but i had to think on my feet and blame an elderly neighbour when the fella responsible brought it up. I’d have asked him myself but he looks really fucking hard.


Was gonna say, @Witches’ effort is veering just the right side of just being ‘aggressive’.

Lovely either way though.

I was too passive earlier. Held a door open for a women in the office. Took her a good 10 seconds to get to said door. She made eye contact, but neither smiled or said anything. Wish I’d shut her arm in it.

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Haha… well, y’know… I said it whilst I had my headphones on so I could have whispered it for all I know.

Or bellowed it amidst the purest silence.


:blush: yeah, I think I said it quite loud

and theeeeen instantly felt like a dickhead.

Would’ve been worse if you’d seen the door ominously close again before you could get off.


Haha. This has absolutely happened at the end of a horror film.

My girlfriend and I were walking home from the tube station, carrying several bags of food shopping. On our way back there is an alleyway with one of those zig-zag/chicane cycle barriers across it. As we were approaching, a young woman was walking the other way towards us, looking like she was daydreaming along to her music. We stopped to let her through before us, and she made no effort to acknowledge us, or even speed up through the barriers, just dawdling her way along.

My girlfriend said, “You’re welcome,” really loudly, and I said, “Yeah, no rush,” too.

Both of us were seething.