Pass and Move Porto Are Poo: The Midweek Football Thread




Whole load of derbies this weekend:

Arsense’s boys vs Spuds
Barnsley vs Wednesday AND
Sheffield United vs Leeds United

Celtic vs Partick Thistle!

Dortmund vs Hamburg!
Villa vs Birmingham!

Other things!


Not felt this unexcited about going to a Bradford game in a while :frowning:


Hoping @NoahVale ‘s boy CamJam doesn’t come back to haunt us today!!!


Leicester will blow the title race open today.

United then have two routine games before we play again, and then we’ve got Arsenal away.

Seven point gap by 1st March.


It’s been something ridiculous like four years since Ramsey and Wilshere started a game together. Ramsey’s injured today, so Elneny steps in…


quite excited to see Dortmund score four in the first half against It’s Tottenham


if Aubameyang scores against Spurs he’ll be every Arsenal fan’s favourite player by 3pm


I warrant Harry Kane could squeeze his way into the affections of Tottenham Hotspur fans, were he to do a good goal today!


DiS football threads, bought to you by Betfair


Just realised we’re gonna have to score at least two just to cancel out the penalties that will be erroneously awarded to spurs


Lol Thistle


Blur it out man, no-one wants to see that


Especially not me!


Scottish Humdinger!


Is it just me or is the Wembley surface looking really slow?


Good start to the Heckingbottom era


Wembley is always a heavy slow pitch.


Seems especially slow today


Spurs will win this match


Impressed with him so far. Expecting him to start today.