Pass and Move Porto Are Poo: The Midweek Football Thread



Pep’s only won 4 of 22 away CL knockout games…


Le Courtoi

New CB

Hazard replacement
New AM
New AM



Blimey, City really are struggling for cash at the moment!


Bournemouth 3rd lowest prem team! Blimey! We need to pull our finger out


Giroud’s beard

  • Beautiful
  • Too styled and dyed, looks weird
  • Disturbing, for unknown reasons
  • Disturbing, for reasons I can put my finger on
  • Never thought about it (liar)

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Sturridge injured -autofill


looking forward to seeing how sturridge will do tonight


You missed it! Had a great 2 mins tbf


fuck sake! stream is a minute behind didn’t realise he was off


What’s Rodriguez doing :open_mouth:


gotta feel sorry for Sturridge. not sure how many more injury setbacks he can realistically endure


Everything about him is beautiful, surely?


English + played for the big dogs = Always be someone willing to take a punt on him.

I do feel a bit sorry for him, but there is a certain karmic justice in it for That Dance.


That feeling when you don’t get the new manager effect when you get a new manager because the players are too fundamentally shite.

  • Seedorf
  • Seeback

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I just got home & turned on the oilball

what happened to Giroud?


Lost his wig


said to sky before the game it’s a tribute to terry butcher. was really weird


but where’s the blood?


So jarring switching over from spanish football where the refs are relatively young and handsome, to lee fucking mason fishing a yellow card from his engorged shirt


Is Alonso injured?