Pass and Move Porto Are Poo: The Midweek Football Thread



Giroud battling away like a young Ian Ormondroyd tonight


Yeah, picked up knock in training over weekend


On 5live Robot Wars managed to crack off an anecdote about going out on the piss with Butcher in Paris. Sutton didn’t say a word in response. Fucking love the pair of them


He’s no Callum Wilson


Christ we’re so shit


Such a big fan of Clarence…so for that reason I hope he can somehow work wonders


Superb player and pundit - like an upgraded Gary Neville.

Really not sure he should be managing a football team in extreme crisis. Also like Gary Neville


Malaga have a fine collection of premier league flops up front


Thought you were comparing them as players then…had to double take.

Yeah it’s an odd one…he’s pretty much on a hiding to nothing…and as he’s near the start of his managerial career…it can do irreparable damage to his employability :frowning:

I’ll take any chance to post this:


Suspect he’ll be far too cerebral for the job. We needed a South American or Italian nutter till the end of the season really


Anything Seedorf can do…


Had £350 on Deportivo staying up.


Lucas’ incredible hair job over the summer does me every time I see it


When will fans of other clubs become disillusioned with a glass ceiling on their success and an increasing inability to challenge for trophies? Is the natural conclusion to this the formation of a European Super League?

yes, it was always going to happen eventually but the reasons you’re giving could mean it meets less resistance than it would do if it happened now


Hey, formations huh?

A gk that can kick a football

Bellerin/Osei Tutu (yep)
Koscielny /Mavropanos

Fabinho/Maitland Niles/Elneny



6th again then…



Chevrolet Old Trafford then.

$35m a season.


Should build a new one


*Should do up the south stand