Pass and Move Porto Are Poo: The Midweek Football Thread



Cost the same amount to do a new one


New thread for the vulgarity league?


I really, really hope we don’t do a new one. It would be mental.


Thought this was a reply to me. Seemed incredibly strong tbh




It was…


go for it!


I’m an ideas man, someone else can make the Dann thing


Welcome to the boards, new user…


was that an intentional Scott Dann reference?


Ryan Mason has retired, dead sad that


Hi :wave:
Surprised United haven’t sold the naming rights yet, fully believed it. Sad!


Have we spoke about union boss and allround man of the people Gordon Taylor being on £45k a week at the PFA?


or @Parsefone does his magic, whatevs


Union bosses can be paid what their members vote them to be paid, however it does seem odd that the PFA are only giving 15.5 days of Gordon Taylor’s wage per year to research into head injuries.


Please explain how this union members voting on their bosses pay system works…


Not a clue. :neutral_face:


I’m not sure how it works in the PFA, but typically members vote on remuneration packages for union staff in a ballot.



In a lot of ways I admire it - the temptation to pack it in must be overwhelming.