Pass and Move Porto Are Poo: The Midweek Football Thread



It’s a very good advert.

Quite funny that loads of white men are suddenly worried about the representation of ethnicities in the media not being absolutely accurate.


my block of flats is in the background of that basketball bit
also just realised that first scene is in the shop by the Rio isn’t it


Yeah that’s deffo Kingsland Road innit.


I foolishly read some comments on the FA Merch site and decided to set up an account just to complain about/ flag the UKIP bros ranting about how there are no white men in the FA advertising photos.


Beep boop this is now the Champion’s League thread. Spurs will definitely win and City will definitely lose tonight. Thank you for your patience.


Basel don’t really lose knockout games at home against the English clubs and Pep rarely wins them away (4 in 22).

If i could conpletely put my shit-tinted specs to one side i might suggest that Basel win tonight, City to qualify could be a good bet.


Think you’ll find Spurs are actually in #contractcrisis with our best defender

Put the house on Juve


Also Juve’s defence is tanklike atm
Clean sheet against Barce ffs


2-0 Juve then we’ll beat them 5-1 at home.


For once I’m going to agree with the anti-bants brigade, after all, they are facing the one and only Ricky van Wolfswinkel this evening:


Oh get fucked DiS


Yeah this is really sad, hope he can get into coaching or something else in football


Yeah, really horrible way to end your career that, poor guy.

So. Champos:

  • Basel 0 - 1 City
  • Juve 2 - 0 Spurs





Very much enjoying this photo from Cork city’s win against Dundalk in the President’s Cup at the weekend. Love a snow game.


Yup. Needs an orange ball, though, for full winter effect.
(I think I had that design ball with my Subbuteo.)



Pass North-East London wigs and Move It’s The Juve Groove: The Midweek Football Threadother delights football thread


Sane’s on the pills then