Pass and Move Porto Are Poo: The Midweek Football Thread



as a neutral, which match should I watch/will be better?

  • Basel - City
  • Juve - Spurs

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Juve are missing a few players here - reckon spurs could get something


Sane on the bench. Wonder what Pep’s legacy is gonna be when we find out he was one of the sport’s biggest dopers.


“sending your players to Barcelona” should be a meme. Like jumping the shark




sometimes i feel like i’m in Barcelona


City’s players are obviously pumped full of horse drugs but I’d imagine pretty much every wealthy team is doing exactly the same thing. Sanchez recovered from a hamstring in a fortnight recently innit


Sanchez is a freak /has his own doctors. If there’s one club you can basically guarantee doesn’t dope their players it’s Wenger’s Arsenal.

I mean, you can tell just by watching us play tbh


Will be interesting to see what happens when someone finally gets pinged for it in football tbf. I’d imagine it’ll be condemnation from all while pretending it’s one player/club/doctor and there are no wider issues to explore


Spuds will get a result here surely? Italian defences aren’t what they used to be and Kane’s got the pace to really unsettle them.


It’s going to be incredibly drawn out, because there’s so much at stake. It will be one landmark case which as you say everyone will use as a scapegoat, then there will be a steady dribble of accusations and smaller revelations until the whole thing can’t be held back anymore, similar to cycling only spun out over decades.


So similar to cycling then


We’re all just taken it as a given then?


I am yeah. Too much physical improvement over the last 20 years or so, too much reward available for no one to have tried it.


It’s the biggest and richest sport in the world, and the absolute only major sport that’s not had a doping scandal. Completely not even considering the idea that it’s clean


Virtually no risk (they don’t even blood test ffs), lots of reward, and an increasing feeling of being left behind if you don’t do it. I think some go to greater lengths than others but it’s absolutely a given across the sport. Suspect Spain and maybe Italy will be the epicentres of it.

To go back to Arsenal, will be interested to see what happens to our medical department when Arsene does leave. Maybe nothing will happen, but if we quickly see changes in senior staff then it’ll give a pretty good indicator of where the sport is at imo.


Kevin of Brian playing 5 times a week and running off a broken leg from Puncheon in 2 days


Ragazzi è… (according to Google translate)


Really feel Pochettino’s record in knock-out competitions gets way too much of a free pass.


spurs match is on tv3 in ireland

guess which channel has conveniently lost signal tonight …