Pass and Move Porto Are Poo: The Midweek Football Thread



Fun while it lasted anyway


2-1 would be a pretty good result for spurs. They’ll go fully headsgone and get spanked though


Definitely a penalty there.

Kompany and Otters all over the place against Oberlan’s pace.

We’ve gotten away with a couple already.

Nb. Timing.


These predictions are going well


:joy: Don’t count your chickens, mate. Wait for the Harry Kane 2nd half hat-trick.




Kane is proper shit at falling over. Need vardy to train him up for summer


Spurs are cack, aren’t they?


Why isn’t son playing?


Too underrated


Can’t believe they’ve left Carrick and kagawa out


My first ever game was Palace v Forest in the snow, with Johnny Metgod playing for Forest, I remember that game vividly even though i was very young.


He’s proper shit at finishing, y’know.




Basel faulty


Think city will struggle tonight


Quadruple’s on lads


Basel have genuinely been the better side.


Harry can’t…


When the draw took place and it was Basel, I immediately thought this could be another tricky Napoli type match for City, and I’ve been proved right

~ Paul scholes