Pass and Move Porto Are Poo: The Midweek Football Thread





Harry Kane shaped boot missing headers from point blank range forever


Wouldn’t go that far but 3 0 is ludicrously flattering.



NO chance Cardiff will ruin the treble banker tonight.


Let off for the Hotspurs there


Ought to be about 4-2 already tbh. Juve look pretty porous


The Kane stays mainly on the plane


Would love to know which club had the genius idea of converting dembele from a striker to a central midfielder


BSilva’s one touch control on the stretch is ridiculous.


Harry can


Nice finish


Really good game, this


Keep seeing the hobbit’s hammies going or getting trodden on doing that and cringing.


Preferred mode of transportation for the brave lions this summer

  • Plane
  • Some sort of gumball 3000 arrangement. 3 players per car
  • Pilgrimage by foot
  • Ferry to Calais and then coach to Russia

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This would’ve returned closer to 150 sniffs if I’d made the in play bet sooner :cry:



You didn’t bet in play nahhh :frowning:


Ray is yucking it up right now and calling me a slag (probably).