Pass and Move Porto Are Poo: The Midweek Football Thread



Dele can’t


Eriksen and dembele are bloody great


In keeping with the blackly comic performances on the pitch, some sort of tragi-comic wacky races inspired convoy across central and eastern Europe.


Don’t talk about return, talk about net return.


Remember watching him at Fulham and thinking he looked mint but assumed he was probably mercurial cos, y’know, why was he at Fulham?


We signed him as a striker for about 4 million. But he didn’t really like shooting, switched him to midfield and within a couple of months he was one of the best in the league so fucked off


Basel cutting up a bit Cardiff now.

Few studs up lunges coming in.


An interesting half of football


Aurier is a full on moron isnt he. Nevsr seen a player make that many brainfarts in so little time at a club




Yeah that was so fucking obvious he’d do that


love a good penalty pinged off the bar




Higuain is so weird. Never known such a prolific goalscorer to have so many deeply shite moments


Still think they’ll get at least one more on the counter but that’s a decent response to an atrocious start. If we can stay in it there’s a chance at wembley


Is Higuain having a bit of a cry? :cry:








I think Cavani is the purest example. Higuain’s shiteness feels like a lack of self-belief. Cavani has more of that Ronaldo/Messi quality of conviction, but coupled with inexplicable moments of ineptitude.