Pass and Move Porto Are Poo: The Midweek Football Thread



Bloody Aurier.



Just saw the highlights from the first half at Basel

…how much is Pep paying their keeper?! He surely can’t be actually that shite?


Probably don’t come across many #worldclass strikers in Switzerland, Basel’s already got Ricky can Wolfswinkel


I know he can, but he never asked if he should.


Literally no chance #passinglikeshipsinthenight


Is it just rotation or does anyone think aurier is better than Trippier?


Time to cash out and bash it on spurs!


Just rotation. No idea how Aurier has got this far in his career, think the only time I’ve seen him play consistently was the AFCON a few years ago.


just seen bernado silva injecting horse tranquilliser into his eyeball on the right touchline


Chiellini just falling over when he got too high up the pitch was lovely


According to these comms Spurs are putting in a great European performance despite being lucky in some respects not to be 4-1 down.


Jermaine Jenas int it? Hate how he always refers to players by first name. At least try and be impartial dammit


Bernardeschi has that mid 90s gazzetta look about him. Brilliant


Take a 2-1 absolutely anyday here


So would kik


Every team should


Buffon looking very flake free


City missing a chance to give Foden or Diaz a decent run in a won game here.



Buffon is past it