Pass and Move Porto Are Poo: The Midweek Football Thread



Ignore em, Steve Clarke man!


We’ll be a decent side when we add another couple of strikers, imho.


Some lovely bandwagoning there :wink:


In hindsight, being as honest as i can, my post-Anfield data may have been ever so slightly flawed.


what you putting on basel reaching the next round?


Nothing daft.

Probably £30 or so.




Oh for fucks sake, gonna not edit my thread twats


Scooooooootland, Scooooooootland


Great result for Spurs, though. Now in the home leg, the fantastic White Hart Lane atmosphere will surely carry them through to the next round.


Thought Basel would be better than that. I know they beat United, but that was 2011 or so if memory serves, they’re a bloody pub side nowadays.


I remember Salah, Stocker and Streller maybe that’s the fella? absolutely ruining Spurs jn the Europa league a few years ago


Can’t wait to see cake baby and 10 regens in the 2nd leg


Shaqiri, too. Bloody good side they were back then. The only survivor seems to be Serey Die, still kicking holes out of people.


Oh yeah forgot he was there as well


What happened to breel embolo. Had that season banging in loads for them at 17. Absolute hero on footy manager. He went to Schalke right? @Severed799


Got a bad injury shortly after, i think.


Shame. Looked like a proper talent. Googled and he’s still only 20! Jeez


Wonder how many other players have won three league titles by 19…


he is playing again now (although not currently first choice) and is only 20 still so he’ll probably be fine