Pass and Move Porto Are Poo: The Midweek Football Thread



fuck you’re not kidding:



Italian football has been plagued by doping accusations.

Just have a google if you can’t remember, too many links to post!


In a world where Southampton players take their own bedding to away matches and some clubs give players caffinated chewing gum at half time in the hope of getting the tiniest advantage, then the idea that doping doesn’t take place as almost a matter of course is highly unlikely.


you all seem to have forgotten that drugs are very cool


Beyond the ‘anyone who’s better than Manchester United must take performance-enhancing drugs’ tinfoil hat hysteria there’s probably some really interesting subjects you could be reading about, like how they develop regenerative plasma to treat injuries to save players careers and that.


Got the BT Sports App through EE over the weekend - 3 months free, largely to watch some Italian & German footie and give the boy an intro into the odd live match.

Watched the Spurs match last night, was impressed with them going forward. Dembele looks a proper player at the moment - pretty well ran the midfield. Not sure about either full-back though.

Was pretty staggered at just how much Juve dropped off after going 2-0 up so early. I know the stereotypical Italian side are supposed to be able to defend a lead no matter what, but man, they were architects of their own downfall by allowing Spurs to dictate for the final 80 minutes. They sorely missed a Pirlo or Davids type to take the midfield by the scruff of the neck. Not sure whether that’s what Matuidi tends to do for them.

Also, Pjanic has a gorgeous dead-ball delivery doesn’t he? Didn’t always come off last night, but just love the carressed delivery.


You’ve nailed it here. Aurier and Davies looked out of their depth for most of the match. Tripper and Rose to start in the return leg?

Allegri’s tactics were better in the second half but they really struggled after taking the lead. But on another day Higuain would have had a first half hat trick.


Absolutely right - if Higuain had scored the second pen or that other first half chance, it’s a different game entirely at 3-1 at the break.

Juve did look better after the interval, and always looked dangerous on the break. I wonder if Allegri should have taken Mandzukic off earlier (he seemed to spend most of the second half hobbling after pulling up early on) and as the commentators said, unleash Douglas Costa against Aurier after he picked up the yellow card.

Still, a fascinating match to watch and thoroughly enjoyable.


Matuidi is the closest they have to that yeah. Also +1 on Pjanic, class player. Haven’t seen much of Costa at Munich to tell the truth but when he was let loose yesterday he looked great.


Sometimes I just have a moment of clearheadedness about Harry Kane

Just saw some thing about scoring the most goals in first 9 champions league game (made up stat aside) ahead of Ronaldinho and Shevchenko etc and then I just think that’s fucking Harry Kane they’re talking about lol


Especially dope.


Silky Ilkay and Bernadave Silva are players y’know. Not sure Gündoğan will ever fully get past his injuries, but fully fit his movement’s a pleasure to watch, he’s got that Lampard-like quality of arriving on the edge of the box just at the right time. Bernardo’s got the best first touch of any player i’ve seen.


Silky Ilkay

Status of application to replace ‘Ikky Gunders’: Not approved.


Personal favourite is Göne Doggin’.


any thoughts?

less than last time but still £££

BT get “10 fewer matches, 32 in total, all kicking off at 12:30pm on Saturdays. Of these, 20 will be “second pick” of the weekend’s most attractive matches for a broadcast audience and the remaining 12 will be “fifth pick”.”

lol 5th pick


Saturday 1945 kick offs are a load of shite


Sky shat their pants from BT last time and everything was hugely overpriced (about a 70% rise, if memory serves). Now they know BT aren’t serious longterm competition and will probably go the way of previous rivals, and because the FANGwankers haven’t had a nibble yet the domestic revenue should plateau…though foreign rights will rise to cover the deficit this time round.


Still expecting Facebook/Amazon to wade in at some point as well (although maybe not for the remaining packages now)


I would be more up for Sunday 19.45 kick offs


Fuck. That.