Passion Project Thread - Support your local DiSer

It’s gonna be a tough time for a lot of us, so I thought it might be a nice idea to have a thread for links to help support DiSers who have non-conventional full-time jobs or side hustles/passion projects.

For example (and hopefully she won’t mind me posting this here), @scout launched her Patreon the other day:

So if you have a Patreon, an Etsy store, a Bandcamp, anything really where other DiSers who are interested could chuck a few bob your way, post them here!


I’ll break the seal on this because there’s a lot of really talented folk on here who I think should be getting some love and who, assuming I can continue to make some cash, I intend to do exactly as suggested and buy some things from. I’m a greedy shit and I have three Bandcamps for no good reason. I’m not in most need, so I would hope that other people post stuff here that people can give to rather than me. Anyway-

Sort of dancey instrumental stuff

More varied instrumental stuff

Painful voiced singer stuff

I hope other people put their awesome stuff here, this is a great idea to help support the community. You’re all awesome.


I wanted to make mini nature documentaries for years and years and have enough decent gear to film, and hopefully time to start and put them onto youtube and link them here :seedling:


Thanks for sharing :two_hearts::purple_heart:

Really interested to see what others share too.


Gots my ambient/drone/droney techno nonsense stuff going on:

Still haven’t got the hot sauce thing running. Some day down the line I’ll say, “of course I was delayed from launching by Covid-19” and people will nod sagely and hopefully forget the years I spent dicking about before that.


You putting them t shirts up again? It’s payday next Wednesday and I can’t stop regretting not buying the linen one

Afraid not :slightly_frowning_face:

(I’m doing fine though so please spend your money on DiSers who need it more!)

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They were really smart.


Will do some in future but not for ages yet as they’re tricky to sell many of.

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Scouty I believe my patreon thing comes with a free walking tour that let’s face it, I’m hundreds of miles too far away to redeem, happy for someone else to have it if they bung you a donation, if that’s ok?

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I will replace it with something else. I’m not sure what though!

(Thabks for signing up!)

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Thabks a million!

not sure I can afford much right now sorry, so maybe in return nobody buy any of my music thanks :slight_smile:

Morning bump

@bamnan just link your bandcamp you git

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Also wanted to make home cafe videos because I love watching that shit and I made one. Tbh I hate it because its mine and I have that same feeling watching it as when I hear my own voice back, but objectively it’s as good as I can get it and as close to what was in my head :sweat_smile: I edited on my phone too which took way too long. Also for real this drink is so good if anyone has the ingredients, try it


Legitimately cant watch it back. I will try making more stuff, I have a huge problem of hating my own work and deleting everything which makes studying soo hard as well as trying to be creative, so this is like therapy to help me get over it :laughing:

This looks beautiful and relaxing. I’m going to properly watch it later on my tv.

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