Passive aggressive notes (rolling)

So there’s a communal roof terrace in my new block of flats. The two notes below have appeared in our hallway this week

Are these

  • A notice to say that there will be a party and that there might be noise so sorry in advance
  • A notice to say there is a party going on and that all are welcome
  • A notice to say there is a party going on and please don’t come onto the roof and ruin our day with your presence

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Not sure those are really passive aggressive. Second is a little blunt but they’re both… Fine?


Probably originally wrote them with an air of apology or “if you have any problems” but then remembered that they don’t give a fuck and it’s happening whatever their fucking neighbours say


If it doesn’t say “sorry” for any noise or disruption then it’s not saying sorry.

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When we had a party this weekend we knocked round to both next door neighbours with a bottle of wine for one and some Krispy kremes for the other (don’t drink, have kids), said they were welcome to pop round and gave them both of our phone numbers if it got too loud.

Absolute salt of the bloody earth


I would have added an extra sentence saying: “We apologise for any noise or disruption but we’ll try to keep it to a minimum.”

Poll is exciting and close though so can’t buy that sort of tension, right?

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Yeah they could’ve been worded more nicely but I don’t think they’re passive aggressive

So basically you gave refined sugar to children. You must REALLY hate your neighbours! :wink:


I think I may be able to help. Do you know anyone with a surname of Brown?


Well now you do and he’s your bff.



I was DJing a while back. After looking up after sorting through my record box I found this on the mixer.


I think these notes are BAD. It’s a communal space, and they are basically saying ‘we are booking it, fuck off’.

Presuming it’s the only outdoor space, what if you wanted to catch some sun at the weekend? You’re going to be unable to go up there for large chunks of the entire weekend, which sucks. I’d be worried that this set a precedent of people just ‘booking it out’ for themselves . A far better way to handle it would be a note through each door saying that you were hoping to have a celebration on the roof but wanted to check first that this was ok and didn’t cut across anybody’s plans- and providing a mobile number to call/ text if anybody wanted to discuss. If you are the party host then the risk with this approach is that somebody may say that they did have plans to use to the space, but at least then you have a opened a dialogue to discuss and resolve this in a fair fashion. 3pm - 7pm is WAY OTT for a kid’s bday party btw. two or three hours is the max.


These aren’t passive aggressive, they’re a way for the two flats to send coded messages to each other. I can’t be sure that they’re swingers, but they definitely are.


Is there not a building Facebook group where residents can kick the fuck off with each other over absolutely everything?

Our complex has about 400 flats, so the Facebook group is utter carnage, NOTHING will not become beef, it’s glorious.


You’re not DJing properly if you’re not getting that asked regularly :slight_smile:


You should go up with some drinks and snacks as if it’s an invite. It’s deffo not though.


I just moved from a flat in the Olympic Park and the FB group was incredible. There would be a photo of the bin room being left slightly untidy with comments like “SO SICK OF THIS!!11!!” on a daily basis, people constantly slagging of other people’s children for daring to play with their friends in 30 degree heat and passive aggressive messages about house parties being too noisy which a) the people in question aren’t going to see because they’re having a party and b) could potentially be rectified by just knocking on the door and asking to keep the noise down.