Passive-Aggressive Thread

This is a thread for being passive-aggressive in.

Just be yourself.


Oh great, thanks.

A whole thread? Wow, someone’s got some time on their hands.

Good thread. Seriously, you carry on. It’s fine.


Oh look, a like from Theo, I feel so special.

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Personally I don’t have any interest in this thread but if you guys want to take part then by all means do so.


Obviously it’s fine that you’ve started this thread and you’ve done a really good job with it but maybe next time just check and see if there’s anyone who’s been waiting patiently to start this kind of thread for months before you do eh?


It’s all right, I didn’t want to post this thread anyway

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Thrilled I read of all this.

No it’s all right, you all post without me. I’ll be fine.

Most of the people in this thread know what passive aggressive means

Thanks Smee, a characteristically insightful comment from you there.

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I think you’ll really enjoy the sarcastic thread I made a few weeks ago, you’ll do really well in that thread.

Absolutely fine that no-one told me about this thread, I was busy anyway.

Fine with @ma0sm, @Epimer, @eems, @Rarity. Haven’t got a problem with anyone else either, just a bit busy to list everyone right now if you know what I mean. Christ.

To the people who contribute in this thread.

I’m sure you’re all very busy with your posting but please remember that some of us are trying to get some work done here.

Thanks x

I guess we can consider sarcasm as equivalent to passive-aggressiveness, sure

I mean I wouldn’t personally have considered them anything like each other. I’m such an old curmudgeon like that though haha, what am I like.

Glad that we can compromise like this :+1:

This thread :rofl: