Passport delays anxiety thread

Anyone been affected by the delays in issuing passports this summer? Appazo it’s been quite a thing.

I need to renew one of my kids’ passports before a holiday in October. Everything I’m reading suggests the turnaround time used to be 3 weeks, now they’re saying 10 weeks. I think I’m right in saying it’s 10 weeks max, and the backlog is improving.

We travel in 10 weeks and 4 days.

  • You’ll be fine, £49 online renewal and it will get to you in time.
  • Pay £122 for a fast track service, the delays could be worse (and I know this based on actual information not just because I’m risk averse generally)
  • I like voting in polls

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People have posted about getting renewals back in days. A colleague waited 14 weeks then ended up driving to Liverpool and Newport to collect in person, including an overnight stay. It seems very random.

I applied to renew last Monday, got our ID confirmation person to respond immediately, they’ve confirmed receipt of the old passports but no further update yet.

If you can afford it, maybe pay the extra for the peace of mind? If you can’t, I’d take my chances with the standard renewal.


@ma0sm please elaborate!

@ma0sm now sweating because he was just having fun with the poll

I would imagine the bulk of the current delays are due to passports people are renewing for school summer holidays, and that once over that hump in September things should be smoother.

No idea about the whole situation but want to make sure you go on holiday.

The 10 week thing, you may or may not get it.

The big bucks option, you’ll definitely get it and never know if you’d get it sooner.

My way is the guaranteed way.

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i appreciate your concern, thank you.

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I renewed in May. Was a little worried about the 10 week thing they were saying, but I had it in between a week to ten days (think that timeframe included a bank holiday also). My mum renewed hers earlier in the year too, same thing.

So would be surprised if you had any issues needing it by October but obviously could have got worse.

Only just read this bit

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Those were a tense few minutes


If you can afford it just pay.

£70 to avoid a few weeks of possible stress is a bargain


So loads of people I know keep saying they got their passport back in days recently but I sent off M’s a while back and it’s taking forever (this might be because I lost her last one and had to sort that out too, maybe it holds it up but I don’t think so)

I need to get mine updated to my new name but stuck between a constant not wanting to pay £175 for it if I’m not going to use it yet and not wanting to plan anything because I don’t have it.

This isn’t relevant except that I’ll end up leaving it late and fast tracking so would recommend the same to others

I got mine back on the Thursday after applying on Sunday and doing the admin (sending back old passport) first thing Monday.

Use the the photo machines that send the photos electronically (you can use phone but more chance it being rejected -theres on in Shawlands co-op fyi)

Yes, renewing the 9yo’s passport has been nigh on impossible

But that’s none UK so probably not relevant to the thread

Theres a website that has average turnaround times rather than the 10weeks

I’d pay the extra if that’s a possibility, I know a few different people who haven’t been able to go on holiday because they haven’t had their passport in time.

Also the standard process is like £80 not £49?

£49 for a wean

Kids get all the bargains, never see ‘adults eat free’ signs do you.