Passport photos


Need to apply for a new passport. Will need to take a new picture, as 19-year-old me is not representative. Issue is the beard - I sometimes have a beard, sometimes don’t. So do I shave for the new passport pic, or not?

  • Beard
  • No Beard

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Dunno mate #DWYWMIDGAS


How do you stop the hashtag becoming really big and bold?


Write it within a #sentence


Just have half a beard.


if you cant dedicate your chin to a permabeard you deserve no beard at all, so i voted no beard at all


I’m going to Germany next weekend, and will need my passport. The question is, where the fuck is it?

  • In my flat
  • At my parents house
  • Lost forever
  • No need to worry, it will show up without any effort to search for it

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Dunno, but apparently I can sign these for people now. Being a Commissioner For Oaths has finally paid off.


I went no beard this time and have ended up with a photo that makes me look like I’ve been on a 3 day bender with Danny Dyer and the cast of The Football Factory. Now I get questioned at customs every time I go abroad.

This isn’t true; nobody would dare fuck with me.


I last went for beard / long hair / hungover. Kinda regret this decision tbh.


Who ya gonna get to countersign it?


@Epimer, obviously.


I never get asked :unamused:


Are you in a position to do so?


I am, yes! CAN I SIGN YOURS???!!


If you’re anywhere round Old Street, sure, why not.


“I see for “relationship with applicant”, the responsible person has written “met at gigs”…?”


Just keep it as it is now* and it won’t be a problem : )

*Assuming your beard doesn’t grow upwards and cover your eyes and forehead.


Go short/mid-beard


This answer is actually unimprovable.