You guys psyched enough for a motherfucking passport thread?

Anyway, I’ve booked in one of those 1-week fast-track services to renew my passport (won’t let me do same day because I’m a foreign), and as far as documentation I need to bring it says:

  • A completed application form
  • Two photographs
  • The correct supporting documents

As you’ll note, one of these options is MASSIVELY FUCKING UNHELPFUL, that’s right, the last one.

Don’t worry though, because it also says

“Read the ‘Applying for a passport booklet’ that comes with the form to help you complete it correctly. It also tells you what documents you’ll need to bring.”

Now the THING IS, I’m not in the UK so can’t just pop along to the post office. Also, all my documents are here in The Netherlands, I’m in a catch 22 situation right now where I’m probably going to have to bring every bit of paperwork I have in order to cover the possibilities. This is shit. I’ve asked a UK ATD to get along to the post office and give me a heads up, but yeah, annoying.

Also, because this is my 4th passport in 10 years, it’s likely they’ll give me a 1-year expiry as they’ll suspect me of selling my passports on the black market. I have no idea how effective this measure is, but I will admit that my whole setup does seem pretty sketchy right now, which is annoying.

Anyway, this is mainly a #rant by me, but please feel free to chat passports in this thread.

Have you tried the post off…


There’s a guide to what documents and things you need here…

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I should probably look into getting a Dutch passport but I cba tbqfh m8

Just stay put from now on, let everyone come to you.

That’s my plan

That’s also my plan

noticed a few months ago mine was due to expire. i googled it found it was cheap or free or something if you did it within a certain timeframe. since then i have of course done nothing about it.

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Thank you! On too, so should be the latest and greatest I assume

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My most recent passport turmoil involved me getting a new passport at 1100 and flying out at 1600 to a country where I had pre-paid for a visa linked to the passport that I had just replaced.

That’s pretty much what happened to me when I was heading back to Australia from London last year. Was a pant-shitting moment in Dubai where the guy at the desk was phoning the different embassies to try and see if they’d allow me to fly. Did NOT fancy fucking about in the UAE. Was all fine in the end, but only found out with 20 minutes till take off despite being there 1.5 hours before.

I left mine at St John’s airport in Newfoundland. Had to get it couriered to my apartment in Montreal.

I never lose stuff normally. Was very relieved when it arrived.



Aye, it’s awful stuff isn’t it. I ended up being fine but there was every chance that the guy on the arrivals desk in Entebbe would have said “Nah, you’ve got to go back” after 10 hours worth of getting there.

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I let my passport expire on purpose so I would have a cast iron excuse for not going to a week long 40th celebration in Cyprus.

Now I can renew it.


I’m not showing off, maosy. Just want you to know that passport stories can end up positive.

Good luck with yours.

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All good, I didn’t know the result of your passport saga, so glad it ended well!

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Some joke about things being found in Newfoundland…

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All applicants must provide one of the following documents as evidence of name and address dated within the last year, and one document showing photo identity (if a passport is not being submitted):

  • National identity card or equivalent (or colour photocopy)
  • Visa or residence permit (or colour photocopy)
  • Tax record eg a letter from a tax authority
  • Educational record eg school report
  • Employment record eg official letter from your employer
  • Letter sent to you from a central, regional or local government department.

Soooooo, do you reckon they’ll accept my UK driving license as photo ID even though it has a UK address on it which isn’t actually my residence but is my correspondence address in the UK? No-one’s going to know the answer to this are they. I have a distinct lack of photo ID in general, will just have to bring everything and beg.

Years ago we went out to celebrate one of my mate’s 18th birthday. He was psyched up all week, big night. For bants i swapped his passport with his dad’s before we left. His dad was about 55 and had a massive beard and egghead. He didn’t check it and proudly presented it to the first bouncer we came across. Every now and again i remember and laugh out loud.


That’s fucking great stuff


I highly doubt, if the purposes of are to verify address, that they’ll accept ‘proof’ of address which shows the wrong address. SO annoying!

Do you have any official correspondence with your new address on it? Utility bill or something? That might do the trick.