Be careful, taking a UK Driving License that has the wrong address, knowingly, can land you with a huge fine.

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Yeah, I have other identification here in the Netherlands with proof of address on it, just nothing with a photo as I’m still a British Citizen. The address on the license is my parents address which I use as a correspondence address in the UK.

It’s not the wrong address as such, since a UK drivers license can only have a UK address on it and it’s my last registered address in the country. I’m not even sure it’s technically valid at this point as I’ve been living out of the country for so long.

I looked into getting an EU identity card previously, but apparently you can’t get one if you’re British, which was quite annoying.

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Just gave the Home Office a ring and got clarification.

Apparently, because I’ve had a burgundy passport issued from the UK before, all I need to bring are the two photographs and the completed form, no other ID required.

However, he did remind me that I need a counter-signatory, who has a UK passport and has known me for 2+ years. Two steps forward, one step back.

Thanks for the help though all!

My pleasure

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Some countries let you get a passport card now. It’s like a backup passport, in card form. Pretty handy if you’re abroad and your passport gets nicked/lost.


Think you’re right, I should get this sorted pronto.

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I’ve just renewed mine online and basically had to upload the photo and put the passport number in and it all went through. Is it cos you’re living in another country you’ve got to give them extra info? Could you get it sent to someone in the UK as the passport doesn’t have your address so it shouldn’t matter?

I’d do your countersigny thing if you weren’t in the wrong bloody country.

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Yeah, you’re right, I’m gonna do it. Just ordered a uittreksel too, didn’t realise how easy it was, all sorted online!

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Fucking hate passports. My Spanish one expired years ago and the process behind renewing it is even worse than the uk si haven’t been cbaed

just dropping in a little spanish in your post there.


this is why i can’t drop my addiction to DiS

every time someone needs genuine advice they get at least a couple of useful answers and someone will provide a lovely anecdote that’s relating to the topic

cracking stuff


I encourage more of these sorts of posts in this thread too.

If you’re only going to be able to get a year one, maybe your replacement for this one will be blue! How exciting for you!