Morrisons ‘Cornish’ pasties are ok if you heat them up. No other supermarket does them well. Butcher is best, bakers are good too (no word on candlestick makers as pasty producers yet). Ivor Dewdney possibly the pinnacle of the readily available (in Devon) lads.

Pasties are French.

Sacre bleu!

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You’re thinking of ‘le pasty’

Had a couple of really nice samosas from a butchers in Grange-Over-Sands last year, butchers are the best aren’t they. I recall Nigel Slater saying you should always try and get dairy products from a butcher if possible as they’re better.

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Wonderful food. One of our genuine national treasures. Only James Corden and Ed Sheeran come close lol jk I was hacked, maaaan

The English word “pasty” derives from Medieval French (O.Fr. paste from V.Lat pasta [5]) for a pie, filled with venison, salmon or other meat, vegetables or cheese, baked without a dish.[6] Pasties have been mentioned in cookbooks throughout the ages. For example, the earliest version of Le Viandier (Old French) has been dated to around 1300 and contains several pasty recipes.[7] In 1393, Le Menagier de Paris contains recipes for pasté with venison, veal, beef, or mutton.[8]

invented in france, perfected in cornwall, the treat of choice for today’s global society #onelove #oneworld


Poor man’s bridie.

Cornish pasties are fine but you get left with a stupid lump of dry pastry. Devon pasty is the perfect design imo.

At It.

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Cornish pasties in Devon

  • Acceptable
  • No

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Clearly the best pasties that have ever walked the earth, but I’d like to put in a shout for Warrens’ as runners up

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remember these. downstairs in the tunnel or the one on the platform?

tunnel pasty place was better imo

let’s be honest, we all appreciate funkman’s dedication to the cause, but really:

  • cornish pasties
  • devon pasties

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I had an exceptional cheese, onion and potato pasty in a cafe the other week.

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The only other acceptable form of pasty. Just.

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Cornish pasty wins by virtue of ‘existing’

This is really quite a bigoted thing to have said.