Absolute rubbish stuff. Next someone will be saying Hummus is awful.

Bloc party jokes aside foie gras is a ridiculously cruel, dickheady thing to support in any way


been enjoying this pate called ‘pate vino de o’porto’ which is ultra rich but amazing. like spreadable red wine.

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Clue’s in the name there

Pate on toast

  • Acceptable breakfast food
  • I’m a stranger to the concept of happiness

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i cannot imagine a hot drink with that combination of foods, no sir

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I was trying to ignore that bit for my own sanity tbh.

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Lots of the fancy veggie ones around Christmas (tesco finest, m&s I’m looking at you) were like weirdly aerated. I want my pate dense thank you.

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when it’s got a little layer of jam or preserve or whatever on top

  • Terrible
  • Bad
  • Fine
  • Good
  • Great

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my mum got me some tins of wildebeest pate when she went to south africa a few years ago, and that was top notch.

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I’m a pate man, what can I say

  • tin
  • plastic tray
  • don’t care

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After a visit to Portugal last summer I’ve really taken to fish pate now. Lovely mushed up mackerel, wonderful stinky stuff.

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These threads belong on the Opinions board imo

Oh no Shrewbie is replying and he’ll probably be angry with me again.


1/5 food im afraid. I buy it to go in the dogs kongs along with yoghurt. He prefers brussels for its smooth texture.

Cos they’re Opinions

You’re bang on there funky, bang on. Went for dins when I was away last weekend and we shared this INCREDIBLE chicken liver pate that was like butter but there wasn’t enough toast so we had to use some of the table bread.

As a side note, I’m apparently great to go for dinner with cause I eat like a cow and graze- can’t handle big portions. So if I share a starter I’ll only have a few bites cause I know I’ll end up too full for main. Him indoors says it’s his favourite thing about being with me, if we go out for dinner he gets a dinner and a half.

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Why can’t I have opinions wherever I please?