Pathetic Objects of Desire


I really want one of these




New phones. They invariably seem shit about 3 months after you get one…


@saps I think pocketmouse has a historical boyfriend, sorry m8.


I have one of those. It’s changed my life.


Remember when those came out, were fucking hot-shit in the classrooms if you had one


Pathetic that you are making mistakes.


I have one of those on my desk. Not going to lie, it’s pretty great.

Free stuff at conferences. One of the exhibitors yesterday had these really crap beanie hats that you could only get if you followed them on Twitter. I don’t have Twitter but was seriously considering getting it to get one of those shit hats (they had an auto enrolment pension pun on them ffs).


When I was 10, I would have given a year’s pocket money for one of these


(the card, not the final fictional genius scientist depicted)

Got one now, though, so it’s fine.

Next: the $500 on the line from the next nerdy card thing this weekend.


So many blue bits! No wonder you treasure it.


Alright Buck Rogers.


used to use those at school. they were mostly great but they’d get all flaky and shit sometimes


Always wanted one of these bad boys


I’ve wanted this for ages.

My mum said she’s going to buy it for my (28th) birthday.!49!3!105383169149!!!g!43851749825!&ef_id=V-NujAAAAJ0eDWp2:20161004110034:s


Matrix phone looked so modern at the time, was very desirable!


I have the three tier one of them.


I had one of those! Loved the clicky-slide-down mouthpiece. Every day was like being in the Matrix. Ring ring, click-whoosh, gasps of amazement.

Until the battery got a bit loose, and triggering the spring-loaded talky bit was enough to jolt it out of place. So answering a call hung up on the caller and turned off the phone in one smooth motion.


Any good 'lonz? Been thinking about getting one of these…


Nowhere near as effective as a radiator but not bad. In an ideal world you would lay everything flat on it but obviously you will have too much washing for that. So you have to do a lot of moving about.

Oh god, it’s been so long since doing indoor drying… not looking forward to it.