Pathetic Objects of Desire



Was on holiday last week (Greece - was lovely, thanks for asking) so still haven’t really broken the backfill of laundry despite having a load out in the garden yesterday and getting some out before leaving for work this morning. Long may the current sunshine last…

I hate the look of washing on every radiator in the house so am thinking that one of those racks might at least keep the clutter in one place even if it doesn’t get it dry as quickly. Do you have the optional cover for it?


No we don’t. Have considered it but can’t remember why I didn’t buy it but there was a reason.




It’s annoyingly expensive and you could probably do the same with a sheet?


Probably should get a new ipod as mine has a pretty smashed up screen


Could do with blowing some bunce on a new PC, but all I’ll do is then just sit in my pants on my days/evenings off and play Warcraft or something instead of anything productive. Current one just about works, so… bleh.


Quite want this mug


Is the bottom bit for biscuits or a candle?


Biscuits are recommended but I reckon it wouldn’t hurt to stick a candle in there. Finally tea lights can live up to their name.


I assumed it was an easier way to get the bag out


Don’t bring your wife into this.


Wouldn’t dream of it; I’m not married


i enjoyed this post


new Tool album


would like some guitar hooks for my wall as well but i’m not sure how lame those are


I’ve got some

They ain’t lame


This industrial pencil sharpener my dad had from work. I didn’t know where it was or if he still had it or not. It turned up at the back of a cupboard recently, and so now it’s mine.



guys my mum said this is how you dry things quicker on it. Pop a sheet over.

(she has the 3-tiered one)