PATIENCE at work and other places (AND BANAL)

How do you keep your cool?

I’m getting increasingly annoyed by someone at work for a variety of reasons. I can’t keep my cool! I’ve snapped twice in 2 days. Help me please .

Also tell me stories about how people annoy the living daylights out of you

thanks ok

like in hospitals?

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yeah if you want

By reminding myself that everything’s ultimately pointless and we’re just meat being shoveled into the grave, so why bother losing the rag about it?

Until someone doesn’t indicate at a roundabout and I completely lose it.

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Normally I wouldn’t mind but this person seems to be grating to my core and I’ve never met anyone quite like that.

What do they do that gets to you?

Bet he doesn’t indicate at roundabouts, the twat.

since you’re choosing to ignore my very clever joke i’ll say that frequently this afternoon I’ve been shaking invisible oranges at my computer in despair. it has been helping. several emails along the lines of:

“hey engineering, is this possible?”
“okay. hey engineering I’ve sold a bunch of that stuff you told me was impossible so guess you’ll just have to make it work now”

followed by

“hey engineering is it finished yet? you’re delaying my project”
*shakes invisible oranges in despair*

Actually there was one person I used to work in a lab with who irritated me on a level I didn’t think was possible, so I do sympathise.

I have no coping tips, though. I waited it out until I moved on, then he ended up working in the same building as me and I blanked him for two years. Even the time when we were the only two people in the gents. I am a mature, reasonable adult.

i’m just super chill really even though they are all idiots - i don’t really care tho so it’s hard to get wound up

I used to have a guy that worked in my team that every so ofter I’d have to send for a walk around the block to cool down to stop him exploding in the office after endless waves of stupid requests that would come in.

I think this is the key. I’m told people think I’m laid back, but I’m not at all, I’m just massively apathetic.

Sub thread for the Daniel Clowes comic?

I find i get more annoyed with things than people. The vast majority of the time i can keep cool when people are being numpties because ultimately i know the joke’s on them and i’m doing alright…but if, for example, an electronic device malfunctions i turn into a fireball of utter, utter rage, and that’s always been like that and it always will be and i wish i could change it but sometimes, when the mist descends into things getting smashed to smithereens it’s actually a really fulfilling release.

Too much to list which I feel a bit mean about but it’s just their personality isn’t mixing well with me.

Today I was in a conversation at work and they’re interrupting me shouting my name several times across the room. I just snapped and said two people can’t speak to me at the same time. They do this to me at least twice a day.
Yesterday I snapped because they can’t think for themselves and wanted me to write out an internal email for them, word for word whilst i’m told them 4 times i’m too busy to help at the moment.
They generally just don’t listen when they’ve asked for my help by either looking on facebook or just talking over me about irrelevant stuff.

I’m struggling to hide my annoyance and my body is in knots about how they’re irritating me.

How do you shake an invisible orange at your desk

So kind of incompetant and socially clueless at the same time? And expects you to act like their mum?

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It sounds like you need to look for a job where you’ll work with people who are a bit more mature.

Either that or get them all sacked, idk.

If it cheers you up in any way, here is a hello from the tiny kitten on my lap (who is about to go back in her bed)

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Try this: