PATIENCE at work and other places (AND BANAL)


I like this job a lot and everyone else is lovely and not annoying (apart from a few minor quirks that are totally manageable).

That’s something you tell a seven year old off for, not a grown adult.

You have my sympathy.

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i just remind myself it’s just a job. stuff gets on my tits fgr sure but I forget about it as soon as I leave really. don’t let people get to you, at least they’re only an annoying colleague and not someone you have to have a meaningful relationship with if that makes sense

I often do my best to phrase answers in the politest and most patronising way possible to people I don’t like. That way, even if they don’t get your hint about not being able to do two things at once, everyone else in the office things they’re a moron too.

There isn’t a proper way of dealing with people who have no awareness other than to either tell them in an ultra-assertive/ professional way or just ignore their requests until they stop making them.

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Sounds like you’re being a bit of dick to engineering here, tbh.


My favourite phrase at the moment is “i know you are really really busy at the moment… but you can just blah blah blah blah?”

NO I CAN’T because, as you’ve already mentioned, I;m really really busy!

cba to read the op, sorry

so bored but i have so much effing work to do

Just a little patience, yeah yeah
whistling solo


BANAL: I’ve made an appointment to get a haircut tomorrow morning even though it doesn’t really need doing yet because I don’t know when I’ll next be able to get it done and now I’m worried they’re going to do it far too short to make it look like they’ve done something and I’ll say “ah, great, cheers” even though they’ve given me a youth footballer’s haircut because else can you really do at that point fuck sake.

very clever

Chill out, mate.


i am getting mine cut tomorrow as well!

see you THERE!

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I will tell you about an infuriating woman I may have to work with again in Jan/Feb.

She was/is one of the other teachers on the school workshops in Austria/Hungary/Italy etc (mostly Austria). I had worked with her on my first trip years ago, and she seemed fine because she was also new and clearly on good behaviour. So when other employees warned me about her a few years later I didn’t think too much of it, because she had seemed fine previously. Big mistake.

She was a woman in her late 40s who had been married to some rich old guy, and was now divorced. Most people do the teaching job seasonally, because you’re away from home in a new location each week, and if you did it full time you’d end up with no life. She was one of the few people who did it the majority of the year though and felt very superior about it.

She’s also one of those who was really conventionally good-looking when younger and can’t deal with getting older. I heard stories about her being vicious to all ages of male teachers because they didn’t fancy her, or young female teachers.

Anyway this woman had been working most of the year in Austria, with Austrian people for 4 years, and couldn’t speak any German, and was jealous and spiteful to anyone who could. She couldn’t even ask for the bill in a restaurant right. The company rules said no German at school, to encourage the kids to use English, but she took that to mean no German anywhere (in the streets, in the sheets).

She was also a bullying nitpicker, constantly making up rigid and bizarre non-existent company rules and bullying new people for not following them (and then having rows with people like me who had been there for years who said “uh, no-one else does this, you’re making it up”). She also insisted on having all staff meetings at meals and then bullying other women about what they ate and how they were getting fat. We had a lot of icily polite rows.

I’d been stuck with her in Dresden for a week, which was bad enough, but then after a restful weekend without her, was stuck with her for another week in a tiny town in the Austrian Alps, that was one street and one hotel, and it was terrible. The hotel was owned by the family of one of the students, and they only spoke limited English. The grandmother who did the cooking wanted to cook us special meals, and wanted me to translate, and my co-worker threw an embarrassing tantrum in the restaurant because she assumed we were talking about her rather than food and refused to believe I was translating right. She tried to “ban” me from talking to people in the supermarket in German “in case the children find out you speak German” and when I said they already know I do because I told them off for swearing she acted like I had committed a crime.

The worst thing was though was that the mother of the hotel family wanted to have a chat with a teacher in german about her son, who had bad social anxiety, to see how he was getting on with the activity programme. We had to resort to hiding in the airing cupboard to talk, so that my co-worker wouldn’t throw another tantrum.

She then confronted me at school in front of the children about how I was “sneaking behind her back” (luckily they were 7 year olds and didn’t understand) and seemed to want to have a row in the corridor with a load of kids, and then went off in a huff when I said this is really inappropriate and I don’t want to talk to you here.

I ended up filing a complaint with head office about her, one of many apparently. In my next week I worked with a guy who said “Oh I’ve heard a lot of horror stories about her, but luckily we’ve never had to work together”. She still works there though unfortunately. I guess they don’t have enough people who have no life and are free year round.

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Also I’ve parked in the place that makes an old lady shout at me because it’s outside HER HOUSE!! and I’m really annoyed at myself for thinking about moving the car later to avoid the inevitable hassle. Because that would mean she wins.

I don’t care enough about work to get angry tbh. I guess this one guy annoyed me a bit at my last job because his mistakes resulted in a lot more work for me. would regularly throw him under the bus at meetings etc. though, so it all worked out okay.

Burn him.

And salt his land.

Burn his descendants.


Just will have to claim to be 14 and join a football team if that happens.

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