Paul Draper

Finally coming out on 11th August. Pre-orders being taken now at http://found.see/SPOOKY_ACTION

Hope it’s better than the last (proper) Mansun album…


oh nice! all over this. this is a tune


oh that link doesn’t work for me?

try this one -

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nice, gonna order now. cheers!

ooh new song!!

Just ordered the white vinyl.

Can’t listen to the new song because I left my headphones at home AGAIN. Any good?

Very into the title

It’s not fantastic actually. His voice sounds knackered, song is messy.

another newun

album’s out in little over a week!

I’m worried about the state of his voice, won’t lie. I had to turn off the last single midway because the vocal was so grating.

8/10 review from Uncut though, FWIW…

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Yeah his voice sounds knackered, hopefully some enjoyable tunes anyway

It’s out! My LP was dispatched yesterday so should arrive today. Woop.

This is all nice and well but why did it take 17 years to release this type of music ? This is below the first two Mansun albums in terms of writing, arrangements ans production.

think that’s a bit harsh, can understand someone needing a good long break from the industry after what they went through. he’s also basically an indie artist doing it by himself now instead of being on a major label.

on first listen i liked it, hopefully will grow more. it’s definitely better than Little Kix. his vocals are worst on the opening track which is a bit of a shame, and the last track is very odd!

Enjoy how every song seems to be about getting done over by people you thought were your friends. It’s been 17 years, paul. Let it go!

Really pleasantly surprised by this album - it’s great. Met Paul in Spillers yesterday and had a good chat with him. Lovely guy.

got an email about his instore at rough trade about an hour after it had happened ffs

Hi Dominic!

Read most of that with interest until I got to the last sentence - at which point I decided you’re a bit of a shit, really.


This sounds awful

Well that escalated quickly. No need for personal comments about moobs, really.

Vocal sounds ok to me, and everything up to Feeling My Heart Run Slow is really strong. Whimpers out a bit, mind.

Looking forward to seeing him live, and whether the vocals are indeed ‘crap’. Truth of the matter is though, that your voice is naturally going to change over the course of 17 years.