Paul Draper

Yeah I’m no authority tbh but just think due to the nature of discussion it will spark, and the ‘serious discussions’ area is more of a safe space it may be a more secure/beneficial place for people to voice any thoughts etc.

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Personally I think it’s probably a good idea to steer clear of this whilst it’s ongoing.


Is the Guardian MeToo expose about to be published?

Someone better tell music industry HR he’ll need an exit interview and to check he’s returned any equipment.


So Paul Draper has ‘resigned from the music industry.’ Count how many times you hear that said today. Truth is he’s simply ‘an irrelevant creep.’


Urgh. Feel like I should just cut my losses and stop enjoying music tbh


Welcome to the boards.

Not the first time I’ve seen that name and subject in tandem.


Have you ever told a lie to hide a lie?

For the record, The Anchoress had nothing to do with him or his band since 2018.

Wonder if it’s linked to this?

Bringing up that you’re religious and the illness of a family member in such a way are two major red flags, amongst lots of other red flags


Wonder what his God made of these lyrics

My book of Mormon
Wrapped in Turin
And it seems inferior and jittery
You preach elastic
To your jagged flock
In an eerie passion for self-flattery

I’m emotionally raped by Jesus

Presuming this guy is giving him the benefit of the doubt or didn’t see his posts a few weeks ago not only naming the survivor accusing him of rape but sharing her personal emails and contact info.

It’s not really an uncommon attitude towards things like this.


I absolutely adored Mansun and had a lot of time for Draper’s first solo album; years of mythologisation helped create a fascinating artifact that was steeped in paranoia but had the music to back it up… but ever since, it has been like watching a horrible car crash turn into a multiple pile-up in slow motion. All I’ve wanted is for him to get the help he so desperately needs but his paranoia and denial are seemingly insurmountable and he’s burning/burned every bridge there is besides those manned by his most ardent fans. I can’t do it anymore; tbh I stopped ‘doing it’ several years ago when it became obvious he could never address his issues or alcoholism and it seemed like major drama on social media was the only thing he was capable of anymore.

It’s incredibly sad and I’m saddened for everyone he’s hurt in the process. When The Anchoress wanted nothing more to do with him I knew that was basically the end of my interest.


Do you think he has issues or is the issue? His drinking and mental health problems seem more like an excuse when you consider some of the accusations against him.

It’s becoming abundantly clear with the array of people he attacks that he is the issue. From females accusing him of rape; to journalists; to numerous music industry people. Everyone is out to destroy Paul Draper…….said no one ever save Paul Draper. I know people that he’s told the Chinese Triads had all his merchandise money because his management were in league with them. I know people that initially felt concerned and worried for him but he doesn’t deserve their concern. He’s a shit. He seems pity to cover up how vile he is. He tries to manipulate others into supporting him but this freak should retire from music like he promised to. Sadly, I suspect it’s an empty promise.

Having suffered from major depression and anxiety since my early teens I tend to hew to the Irish philosophy that we are not the sadness that is put upon us; I want to believe I am more than my mental health.

That said, I am also not an alcoholic megalomaniac with allegations against me so in the interest of fairness I’m going to go with ‘both’. Where does the narcissist end and the person begin?

what a mess

I read on another thread that the police were called to him by someone in the music industry recently and not for the first time. There are increasingly worrying rumours about him trying to force himself on women and more and more posts from him attacking others he’s worked with that just seem nonsensical at best. He seems to upset and them attack everyone he works with.