Paul McCartney (not dead)


Can we use this thread to post solo Macca bangers?

Had Temporary Secretary on repeat recently


Thought he was dead there for a minute


Changed the title


He is dead though

taps nose


Is he dead if he never existed?


His solo career has been incredibly patchy. He can write and perform a great song when he puts his mind to it. but very often it’s as though he’s too lazy to try and just composes by numbers. A few too many silly love songs.

I liked most of Band On the Run and Venus and Mars, some of Back To the Egg, but there are an awful lot of unmemorable songs in his catalogue. I heard his most recent album, “New”. One song (Queenie Eye) seemed to evoke the old McCartney magic; the rest of them were just OK, they were neither riveting nor unpleasant, they were just there.


scrambled eggs piano up my nose obladeeobladaa

shut up Paul!


Doesn’t look like we can!


Apparently not! Try and do a nice thing…


did he do any really good songs post beatles?

Can only think of half of band on the run


Well band on the run has the title track, Jet and Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five (whicb is such an amazing song)


live and let diiiie.




the hell am I watching?


Oh wait, solo. I suppose that doesnt count.


@moderators delete the thread


Wish id posted about Billy Idol instead


there’s still time!


Few more beers and youl be seeing it!


monkberry moon delight is great, piano up nose or no.