Paul Nuttall, then

Is this the end of UKIP? Or should we all be very scared?

*Paul Nuttalls of the UKIPs



Stuart Lee must be gutted that his TV series came out right in the middle of the lull in Paul Nuttalls of the UKIPs relevance.

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don’t understand how anyone gave them any time as it was so fuck knows, idiots and racists will still vote for them i guess.

Pencil Full Of Lead is a decent tune, to be fair. I reckon he’d be alright to have a pint with.

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Awful bloke.

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downhill from here is my guess - i think they might just implode without farage sticking them together

He wants to nuttall immigrants

Wants to privatise the NHS.
Buffon, cunt.

Dangerous dangerous man

very harsh, the man’s a world cup winner and the greatest keeper of his generation


Spot the join


if i could be fucked i’d make up a load of these with adrian edmondson’s picture and subtle spelling mistakes just to see if they get any RTs off kippers

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there’s never been anything good to come from a Paul has there



one of the few UKIP people i’ve heard of so they’re probably slightly less fucked than if they’d gone for another person most people had never heard of. but still, plenty of people will still vote for them but without Farage’s cult of personality i doubt they’ll make any more headway unless Nutalls manages to capture any of that himself somehow.

they normally only ever get elected to European parliament anyway and that’s not gonna matter anymore. Wales might keep electing them to the assembly for some reason, but fuck it, it’s only Wales.


He seems to have a number of very eccentric opinions, most of which are dreadful, so he’s very well suited to the job he’s just been appointed to. I guess they’ve hired him as a cheerful straight talking Northerner to try and continue their incursion into Labour’s heartlands. Or maybe it’s cos his only opponents were a nondescript woman and a guy who said his donkey once once got sexually assaulted by a gay horse, so looking competent in comparison was barely difficult.

It’s a weird one with UKIP - the main figures are all deeply bizarre people all at loggerheads with each other (physically as well as ideologically in one case) and there’s absolutely no way they’re anything approaching a credible outfit, but you can’t see them disappearing while Brexit’s still rumbling on as the clusterfuck that it is.