Paul's Boutique is 30 years old today... let's poll it

Pick your top 3 songs and DiScuss.

  • To All The Girls
  • Shake Your Rump
  • Johnny Ryall
  • Egg Man
  • High Plains Drifter
  • The Sounds Of Science
  • 3-Minute Rule
  • Hey Ladies
  • 5-Piece Chicken Dinner
  • Looking Down The Barrel Of A Gun
  • Car Thief
  • What Comes Around
  • Shadrach
  • Ask For Janice
  • B-Boy Bouillabaisse

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found it kinda hard to pick 3 honestly. whole thing just feels like one piece of work.


Fuck it, it’s all brilliant. Might whack it on in a minute.


Top 5. Brilliant.

Although I feel like the dust brothers deserve a lot of credit.


Jesus i’ve not listened to this in years. Ridiculous fun, it’s properly pulled me out of this heat induced slump. Properly embarrassing the kids now with some hip hop dad dancing.

Shake Your Rump, Hey Ladies are easily my top 2. Shadrach and Eggman the next best. Went for shadrach as no.3 but could have been Eggman on another day.

Top of the notches.

Saw them at Glastonbury in 1994. Incredible.

The book is great too.

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for sure.

I was at that gig and yeah they were amazing. Vividly remember Ad-rock sliding through a puddle and momentarily looking panicked when he realised he was perilously close to falling off the stage.

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Shadrach is still hilarious.

“I’ve got money…”
“Like Charles Dickens”

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Pretty sure I read the instrumental version was a finished dust brothers album until the beasties heard it prior to it’s release and pleaded with DB to let them rap over it.

Yeah. It was pretty much done, which is a shame because that’s what I really love about the album. Still, a classic.

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Very glad something like this got made before copyright laws fucked everything


Fucking love this record. Nothing more to add, just wanted you all to know.


Haha you have better recall than me.

Absolutely top of their game during that era.

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One of the few hip hop records from the 80s that really stands up for me. It’s the Beastie’s high watermark by a long way, and like @anon35600300 said, the changing copyright laws sort of cemented it’s longevity; you just can’t make a hip hop record like Paul’s Boutique anymore. The patchwork of different cultural references are as good as an example as any that creating a collage of samples is an art form rather than theft. Beyond all that stuff, it’s just a really good time. Love it.

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Still not sure how they got away with The Beatles sample and it’s still on the version that’s available now.

Not aware of any other Beatles samples on legitimate releases.

There are a number, but they’re rare. Off the top of my head, The Heart Gently Weeps off 8 Diagrams by Wu Tang and The Noisy Eater off the last Avalanches album both got cleared.

De La Soul have fared much worse. Their early, sample- heavy albums still aren’t on streaming services and they had to give them away for free a few years ago in an attempt to bring them to a younger audience

I do remember the story around the Wu Tang one now that you mention it.
Apparently it would cost too much to re- clear all the samples on Three Feet so it’s left in a label less limbo land

Totally agree that it’s one album that there’s no point picking best tracks as it works as an album. I bought it day one on vinyl but really wanted the multigatefold sleeve HMV had on that day but couldn’t afford it. Listened to it solidly for months back in 89 and still listen to it regularly now. Easily one of the best albums I have ever heard.

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