Pavement (Rolling thread) - Reunion tour 2.0 is over.

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Tied fav band of all time. I want that but I’m on sabbatical and skint. Best band.

Tbh I have all the albums on cd and vinyl already, so I’m not sure why I want that physically but it will complete a rather lovely set.

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Really enjoyed this Pitchfork article about the recording of Terror Twilight


This is partially it for me, was always hacked off that those expanded reissues were on my shelf and then TT was a single CD on it’s own.

Listened to it earlier, the Echo Canyon tracks are great. Malks’ solo demos are wild, some proper silliness on them.

This post paid for by PROF$.

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i liked when SM described led zeppelin as ‘based’


Never thought this day would come!
Think I started a thread on old dis around 700 years ago about it. Accidentally got lots of people’s hopes up about it. Sorry! :smile:

So pleased!


I am not invested in this record in any particular way but I do think changing the tracklist is fucked. Like when they took the sex scenes out of Avatar

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So is the trackilsting on the new cd the same as the original? That’s what I understood was happening, but that the vinyl has Nigel Godrich’s preferred sequence. Find it a bit weird they have done it that way tbh, and as I have the original cd would have been quite happy to get the reissue in alternative form.

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My CD is still in the Royalmailosphere but I’m very much looking forward to this. I’ll be re-jigging the tracklist in iTunes if it dares to be different though.

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That’s correct, only the vinyl has the re-jigged tracklist

looks rejigged on streaming as well?

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Yeah, noticed that this morning! Thought that was odd.

oh right, for some stupid reason I assumed they wouldn’t have it on streaming

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CD tracklist CONFIRMED.


And obviously we all know that you have to harness your hopes so it wasn’t really my fault


Have refused to listen to TT because it didn’t have a special edition to spend a summer with. Farewell Horizontal will be with me in a week. Really hope they call the tour that like they refused to before.

Going to see them with my mate in that London (3 bucket list gigs this year, tempted by Macca as well) and we cannot wait - both expecting it to be shit and it hasn’t affected our enthusiasm one bit. Don’t know if this is normal.

Also will now expect the pavement forum to spend 10yrs begging for a reissue of the SM debut s/t


Streaming seems to have the new track list order

And rightly so. Sick album


I’ll move the reply over to the new thread. That end section is where the remaster really lifts things. If you enjoy it as much as I did, you’re in for a treat.

I really don’t understand where Godrich is coming from with that preferred sequence though, it’s just so fucking weird and the flow doesn’t work for me at all. Spit On A Stranger is already a great opener.

I enjoyed a first listen through some of the demos and extra tracks mind. I knew the Major Leagues demo already as it was on the EP of that name, but the Carrot Rope one is cool. Had always assumed that most tracks that didn’t end up on TT became the basis of the first Malkmus solo record

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