Pavement (Rolling thread) - Reunion tour 2.0 is over.

Fuckin hell.
At least theres a direct train tho right? But presumably wouldnt run after the gig at a good time.

Lol of course not



Derry train station only has one train (Belfast via the north coast)


It must have been a direct bus I had seen? Aye NIR is pure shit!


detours in Sligo for a bit I think

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Bluedot doesn’t look much like a travel up for one night kind of festival

Seeing em again tonight, woop


I did it last year (with @scout partly!) - not very public transport friendly annoyingly, but otherwise it was fine. My partner gave us both a lift up and scout and her little one left earlier than we did and it was a bit of a trek iirc?

(Unless you had other reservations)

There’s a coach at the end of the night but yeah otherwise you’re on your own. Really grinds my gears. We walked for about. .40 mins maybe down countrylanes and i think the train was only hourly but that was on a sunday (right?). I have got a tqxi feom macclesfield to sort of near there before so if there was a group of people and booked it it woildnt be too bad.

Just remembered the staff on the exit told me off for being a pedestrian :sweat_smile:

I don’t drive and it would be coming from London lol. TBH the whole festival looks good kind of wish I was just going and camping.

Any surprises in Bilbao @JaguarPirate?

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Heckler Spray and Spizzle Trunk probably - and a lovely long jam on Type Slowly

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Is there a funny joke behind the date for Blue Dot being 20th June in the thread title?

Alas, no, I did it when I was processing stuff in work dated 20.06.2023.

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Can I shock you? I like Pavement


bit sparsely attend at Bilbao sadly, but think they were put on the wrong stage tbh - the same slot as Florence and Arctics are playing on the other days, which feels a bit out of kilter.

Anyway, got a good spot as a result and they were having a grand time, nice scattering of hits but also very much playing for themselves as usual

As with their tour last year, the stuff that works much better for me live is the stuff that I don’t love so much on record - The Hexx, Type Slowly etc. More slow jammy things. The early stuff just feels weird (but not bad) being played on huge festival stages, feels like it needs a dirty dive venue to really click. Whereas they really suit leaning into being a slacker jam band, lots of extended instrumental sections and just vibes

Fun all round! Glad they’re still going and seeming to enjoy it all


Good setlist. That run from ‘Shady Lane’ to ‘Spit On A Stranger’ is impeccable.

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They didn’t actually play Summer Babe for some reason, stopped at Range Life. No idea why!

Saw Bob replying to someone on Twitter, said they ran out of time. A shame!

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