Pavement (Rolling thread) - Reunion tour 2.0 is over.

I don’t know about popular but there was a massive buzz about them. The first two times I saw them they were the support act (to Belly and Sonic Youth) and it was obvious that they were something else - Sonic Youth particularly were a massive anti climax after Pavement.

I hitchhiked from N.Wales to Sheffield to see them and had to sleep outside the Bus Station afterwards…
That’s how much I wanted to see them :heart:


Did the same thing for Reading a month later


I was very much into both Betty Boo and Pavement at that stage. Still am tbh.


Looking at the uk pop hits of 91 and 92, im surprised how little of the big bands that we think of that era are there. There’s no metallica, soundgarden, pavement, nirvana, pearl jam. Just loads of stuff ive never heard and then madonna, Shakespeare’ sister and whitney etc.

Its like when you type in, say, 2005 albums into google and it lists loads of great critically acclaimed records but i imagine the average person doesnt remember that era for those albums. But for, idk, whatever singles were big then.

How were you introduced to them? Radio, mags, pals?

I was told about them on a games forum in 2007 (i was 15/16) and bought their cds online and they became my tied fav band ever since

He was doing the same first time I saw them: supporting Sonic Youth at the Barras. Twenty ish years later, at the first big reformation tour, two guys in the pub before had brought their pieces along.

Think I’ve got picture disc singles by both of them! Watery, Domestic is the Pavement one.

Looking at that lineup ive got a horrible feeling that id have been watching 25th of may, scorpio rising and pele (having taped their ‘big’ singles off the radio that year) instead of screaming trees, L7 and pavement…


Banger tbf

Like most things back then it was probably John Peel or Everett True’s writing in Melody Maker


Dr Phibes!! That was a sad story that I’ve just remembered …

Yeah; definitely Everett True for me. I saw Pavement’s second UK gig at the Windor Old Trout (didn’t realise that at the time) think I travelled from Bristol - there was a huge buzz around them. Everett was on the merch stall in a CopShootCop t shirt, this I recall.


Five second clip of Trigger Cut on the Chart Show indie chart

Spotted this CD in a shop in Dublin yesterday, wasn’t aware it existed

Didn’t buy it but having a listen now, it’s up and down but some good moments

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Yeah, bought this on vinyl for like 2 pounds in selectadisc years ago. It’s a nice enough listen. Used to be a real fixture of the bargain bins

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Weirdly, I think a lot of people first heard of Pavement when The Wedding Present covered Box Elder as the b-side for (I want to say) Brassneck in 1990. They were a big (indie disco) deal at the time, and it was a proper chart hit. Primed the nation’s youth for the Perfect Sound Forever EP when that came a year later (that’s the first one I remember properly seeing in shops).

Think they’d had loads of hype in the weeklies prior to the Wedding Present cover tbh. I remember Keith Cameron in the NME giving them way more coverage than Everett True too, but could just be me. Perfect Sound Forever was definitely the first release of theirs that you could find relatively easily in shops in the UK though. The first two 7"s were impossible

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