Pavlova is
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  • Awful

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Pavlova is from
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Somewhere else
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Fucking amazing stuff


Meringue quality is key.

Must be chewy in the middle


Invented in Australia by someone from New Zealand.

Very tasty.

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I once made a joke, the essence of which was the pun “Pavlova Escobar” and nobody heard it and it’s the great “barking up the wrong Bush” moment of my life. It’s been over a decade and I still remember back to it.

I don’t have much to say about the desert, it’s alright.


Never had a pavlova

Better or worse than bagels?

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  • Worse

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I couldn’t likely eat as much pavlova as I can eat bagels though.

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Don’t tell anyone but I don’t know what a pavlova is

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It’s where if a bell rings you salivate a bit.

I love doing it.


Bread products are great and all, but it was a top tier idea to combine meringue, cream and fruit


That’s what a pavlova is?!? Highly unusual!

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Made a pavlova (strawberry, raspberry and blueberry) for my wife’s birthday on Saturday. Really is a pretty amazing dessert. 5/5


Always thought it was probably similar to a quiche. That’s usually a safe bet

They are often round…

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That’s good to hear

It’s not that unusual as it’s basically identical to an Eton Mess except Pavlovas are usually built to look not messy and would traditionally include more Aussie fruits I suppose, eg Passionfruit

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All desserts are unusual to me, I haven’t had one in maybe 10 years outside of Christmas day

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I think we need some side chat about meringue roulades. I very much doubt that your meringue roulade would ever get it’s own thread, and it’s basically the same ingredients as pavlova, you just cut your fruit a bit smaller

Yep this is it. Been put off pavlova by one a friend made which was slightly undercooked and kind of frothy/mushy in the centre :nauseated_face: