Pay day treat/snack thread

It’s PAYDAY! (for me anyway, probably for some other folk too) What are you splurging on this month?

  • new deck box for transporting my penoid cards in
  • new dice so I don’t accidentally give myself game losses in penoid card games
  • power bank thinger
  • couple of Switch games (probably Rabids, Disgaea or the like - something puzzley and tactical)
  • nice framed photo of my sister and nieces from last weekend
  • ivory back scratcher

For payday snacks I have one (1) penguin

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Whats the joke on the penguin?

  • A desk
  • Dining chairs
  • Some new speakers or some sort of thing to play music at home

Probably only one of those will actually be possible (spoiler, it’s the chairs).

Already spent all the money so paying off credit card probably.


Q: What do you call a happy Penguin?

A mixed bag of nice things and life admin:

  • flights tae Glasgae for NYE
  • accommodation for m9’s 3 (three) day wedding in august
  • dad’s birfday so some nice red wine or a bottle of whisky
  • this wee bistro set:

Flipper? I don’t know what do you call a happy penguin?

  • Paid off a load of credit card shit that i accrued whilst moving
  • Bought the TV a car
  • Holibobs money

They look comfy

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I don’t get paid until next week,

This month I will be paying for all the things I bought last month - really need to cut down on the spending for a bit

A Peng-Grin!!!

Treat myself to a mortgage overpayment! Woohoo! Can’t wait!


As long you give me notice I can put down a hemorrhoid cushion for when you visit.

My payday was last week.

I am trying to keep it all on accounts of how I think that next season’s football tickets are going to go on sale the day before my next pay day. Thank you for reading.

No need, you can just bleed straight through those.

I’ll set you up a urination station in the garden too, all the bodily fluids.

Got a link for the bistro set?

You know how to spoil yourself


Prepare to feel the wrath of Lonzo: