Pay day treat/snack thread


Prepare to feel the wrath of Lonzo:äddö-västerön-table-and-2-stools-outdoor-white-orange-spr-09133072/


Ban request


£400 on trellis and poles so my neighbour can’t stare into my garden from his summerhouse/shed and new raised decking


2 more discontinued colour changing lightbulbs for my reserves stockpile


I got paid on Monday (I think, I never bother to check).

Yesterday we purchased:

12 x Quickstep Andante Oak effect Laminate flooring 1.72 m² Pack
2 x Diall 5mm Laminate & Solid Wood Flooring Fibre Wood Underlay 6.99m²
2 x Dulux White cotton Matt Emulsion paint 5 L





What room are you onto now chief?


the boring room evidently

No MrBean.jpg required


The most exciting one: THE LOUNGE!!!


It’s not payday for me either, but this weekend I intend to buy matching trainers for me and Jimbo since it’s his third birthday this Friday. Thinking of Superstars or Stan Smiths.


This feels like a Partidge Quote


YES! You painting it white?


also, it obviously isn’t fucking payday

  • Pay DAY
  • Pay NAY

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As someone renting right now, I actually can’t wait to be in a position to do this.


aye! I WON!


I worry that when I get my mortgage it will change the way I think about money, I’d have a spreadsheet that worked out how much the money I could spend now would be worth in terms of reduced mortgage interest and shaving time off the term, I’ll become really penny pinching and my days of stockpiling colour saving lightbulbs will be over


Invoice them


Definitely pay day today.

My spending money for this month is mainly going on boring car things.

Namely insurance and a new set of rear brake discs and pads. How exciting!


It’s no new deck box and fancy dice, tbf.


don’t say that, don’t you dare even think it