Pay day treats thread



I’m going to buy that thing that @sadpunk said was good in the comic wankers thread, some more Lord of the Rings cards, and the cheap Behringer echo machine pedal. I’ll also DEFINITELY be paying 50p for guac on my :burrito: tonight.



don’t have payday anymore so going to try to buy nothing at all.


I don’t get paid until next week pal


If you don’t like it, it’s not my fault. It just means you’re crap.

Not treats planned for me today



Might get a cake at lunch.


Of course it is. Half the appeal is having an excuse to have a go at you if it’s rubbish. It’s a win win!


That’s not a cake, niki


You sure??


Let’s pretend you are blessed by R’hllor. Look into the flames, bozo. Tell me what you see yourself buying as a pay day treat next week.


Booking my tattoo appointment - met the artist yesterday :blush:



How did you pick the artist? I WANT TO GET ONE but have been totally lax about finding an artist because I have no idea where to begin.


Not even close to payday!


Khal Drogo-style shoulder tattoo, is it?


I live in Lancaster and there is no record shop. Today HMV opens. Tomorrow I will spend some of my money there.




might go over a tenner on a bottle of wine


They’ll be getting a Pizza Express next. Flashy.


Full length portrait of Wyman Manderly eating a pie.


Apparently there used to be one years ago, then it shut. Now it’s back. Like Lazarus of Bethany.


A suitably topical reference for an HMV opening in 2017.