Payday Treats

What are you going for?

I might have a look at getting some artwork from Blackpool Community Art Gallery for the (:crossed_fingers:) new abode.

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Checking my bank balance and seeing a positive number :+1:


New controller for my Xbox.

Probably end up booking a holiday imminently, having just come back from one and facing back to work tomorrow.

I’ve got an Amazon Echo Pro coming in the post today. Going out tomorrow with the missus, maybe ordering a new bed and buying her a new fitbit

I spent money on rare 1960s singles on eBay in the pub last night while waiting for mates to turn up. So… no more treats today.

Got paid a week ago and got myself a Kindle (was my belated birthday present really), but need to get glasses and some new trainers this weekend.

I just bought five dresses for £23! :dancer:


Gunna get some new specs tomorrow. Got the coat I was looking at the other day


Congratulations stickie!

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Have to confess, I bought this yesterday #forwardplanning


My payday is on the 10th, but nevertheless I have one of these turning up in the post today:

Was gonna buy my brother a [bike thing] too, but their website doesn’t work when you “checkout” so I won’t be “checking out”. Might buy some frames in Ikea at lunchtime.

Need to buy some holiday clothes

I’m going to get an Ikea hemnes bench/shoe rack, not going to use it for shoes though, gonna put my amp on top and pedals in the racks

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Also need a hoover

Not paid for another 9 days. My treat will be trying not to spend any money

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Is Hugh Lawrie okay with that?

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Going to try not to spend a shitbunch of it on booze this time. WML